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www.dr-health.org a web site that is managed by an individual who is assisted by several assistants to be developed into a health blog Indonesia in 2016.

www.dr-health.org made since September 2016 that discussed health information, health tips and the world about the health of the body ranging from medical to natural tips.

All that is written in the writing of our www.dr-health.org is covered from a variety of sources. Some sources we mean them is scientific research, personal experience, as well as numerous references of media such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines and other trusted web.

For that we say thank you to the relevant parties that have supported the growth of this website such as Google, Blogger, Wikipedia, and reference sites

Our goal to make this site one of them is that these sites can be useful for visitors to find the information in cyberspace. All what is in this blog visitors may follow or not, for example in which there are many tips contained in each article. That need Note that the content in this article is written from a variety of sources.

Lastly, we are sorry if there are errors on any of our posts and the many acknowledgments of course, we say to the visitors loyal. We hope kesehatanpedia.com website will be more popular and give more benefits to the visitors.

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